What to wear?
We suggest wearing comfortable clothing (track pants & t-shirts) or something that does not restrict your movements whilst you're dancing.

What Footwear do I wear?
We suggest wear cross training or aerobic style shoes. They provide the cushion and medial lateral support needed for side-to-side movements. They also have low traction rubber for easy sliding and turning. Please be careful with running shoes since they use a heavy tread on the bottom and are designed for forward movement. 

For Salsa we suggest wearing jazz shoes, salsa shoes or ballet shoes that is available at fitness and fairies on Castle Street opposite olive beach. Only the above mentioned shoes or alternatively, you may dance in socks until you have acquired appropriate footwear.

How many calories can I burn in a Zumba class?
The number of calories each person burns per class varies. Depending on your body parameters (type, composition, intensity, range of motion), you can burn hundreds of calories per class.

Do I need prior dance experience?
No prior dance experience is needed. Everyone can learn to dance. We have classes for the inexperienced and experienced dancer.

What happens if I miss a class?
No extra classes will be given for those who miss a class. However, if the instructor cancel's a class then the instructor will compensate for the class that was missed / cancelled.

How long are the classes?
All the classes run 1 hour.

How long will it take me to learn?
How fast you learn is solely up to the individual. Some people learn faster than others. It will depend on your determination and willingness to practice. But generally 3-6 months of regular training and practice put you in a good, confident position to dance. Patience is key. The instructor will break down every single move for you and ensure that you get the moves right. There will always be a class at your level so there is no need to feel rushed.

Is learning to dance difficult?
Dancing can be quite easy to learn. Like most new things, it will take time, but our instructors make learning as easy as possible and fun. A steady approach with regular practice will produce results in a short period.

Why should I learn to dance?
Students have told us that besides learning to dance, they gain self-confidence, higher self-esteem, improved posture and gain new friends, as well as a multitude of health benefits. Each person finds that dancing has helped them in different ways.

What is "refer a friend"?
If you refer 1 friend you get 300 off and if you refer 2 or more you can avail flat 500 off for 1 month.
Note: only for select venues. Call on +91 7760162506 for more information.

Do you have packages?
If you pay for 3 months you get a 10 % discount.
If you pay for 6 months you get a 20 % discount.
If you pay for 9 months you get a 30% discount.
If you pay for 12 months you get a 40 % discount.

Note: only for select venues. Call on +91 7760162506 for more information.